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Scope of Project 
This masterfully done silver and ivory lamp is truly a treasure to behold. However, at some point in the past it received some very inadequite restoration attempts. Along with that is went through the Katrina floods of 2003. Two of the three missing parts, the right arm of the mermaid and the tail of the same figure had been previously made in a cold cast material, like a plastic, then glued on and painted an off-white to try and match the original ivory. My task was to recarve these pieces in ivory, (third & fourth row below) the original material, attatch with pins and a special adhesive made especially for applications such as this.There was also third missing part - a tail from the second mermaid.  

 Ivory Lamp Original Condition

Ivory Lamp Restored

There were also smaller sections where this special filler was pigmented to match the surrounding ivory,recarved then lightly sanded and polished to match the rest of the surfaces. Both of the round ivory sections were broken into four pieces (second row) and were also refitted, pinned in several places and attached with the same adhesive. Each session with this special material took a 10 day curing period. It is extremely hard, durable, and will not discolor with time. The silver metal sections were gilded with 24 kt. Gold leaf then subdued slightly until there was a very nice harmony between the gold and the ivory.

A new Belgian Black base was fabricated with a 1/4" hole cut just above the bottom edge in the back to accomodate the gold silk wire. Continue to page 2

Damaged lamp parts

Lamp sections were detached.<br><aClick for frontal view
Click for frontal view

Restored details


Original cold cast replacement

Cold cast arm and ivory carved replacement

new ivory arm attached


old plastic tail to be replaced with ivory
Click for additional tail original condition photo

new ivory tail carving in progress

New ivory tail before detailing

Click for continuatin of Ivory Lamp Restoration