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Bronze and Zinc Restoration, Repair and Conservation

Masterworks offers complete repair, restoration and conservation Mr. Ward cleaning Millis services for objects of art in bronze, zinc and allied metals.   Emphasis is placed on conservation/maintenance of these pieces.  Missing parts can be resculpted to match the original.  All of the professional finishing and patination is done by owner, John E. Ward, who has over 30 years experience in all aspects of the making and finishing of objects in bronze,  All work is done to exact standards of the originals. 

Every object restored/conserved is unique and one of a kind.  Some repairs need a delicate flame and a soft touch to complete a repair.  Other objects warrant more aggressive type of welding.  Either case, an incredible amount of knowledge and a considerate precise touch is needed.

Repair. Objects that have been cracked or broken can be repaired i.e. welded, soldered, finished, colored.  These repairs, once made, will be invisible.

Replace.  Missing parts can be resculpted to match the original.  Castings of these parts can be reattached, properly finished and patinated to match the original.

Conservation.  The most important consideration for a work of art is maintenance.  Periodic care and attention is needed to protect outside works of art from the harsh environment.  Inside works even though shielded from the elements, need finer, less vigorous preventive maintenance care.  MasterWorks has the expert knowledge to perform both jobs well.

Patination. Services are offered on indoor and outdoor pieces.  Pieces can be completely repatinated.  Repaired or replaced parts can be patinated to blend with existing patina.

Outdoor. Outdoor bronzes require special care and attention.  Surfaces must be properly sealed from man-made pollutants which are carried in the form of acid rain and humidity.  Annual maintenance of these coatings is extremely important.

Zinc. Services are offered for zinc sculpture. 

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