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Custom Marble Bases

Contour can match your object MasterWorks Studios can cut marble bases shaped to match the exact contour of your original object as well as traditional round, oval, square and rectangular shapes.  We have a variety of marbles to choose from and they can used individually or combined, they can be engraved and profiled to enhance the piece for which it is designed. The marble base on this page are only a few samples - take a look at many more of our creations in our Gallery of Marble Bases!

Maximum Size
Countoured shapes, ovals, rectangles: 24" x 40"  
Circles: approximately 24
Squares: approximately 24

Enhancements Complementary marbles can be combined into one base. Engraving can be performed directly onto marble.

Base custom shaped to clockBase custom shaped to clock

Profile of MasterWorks Marble Bases

Base custom shaped to clock The profile of MasterWorks marble bases can be customized to enhance the piece for which it is designed. We discuss your preferences and ideas with you and for more complex projects Mr. Ward prepares a detailed drawing for your review before cutting.

Price is determined primarily by the complexity of the shape.  Type and thickness of marble are also factors.  Discounts may be available for quantity orders.  

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