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Zinc Cupid with Fluted Flower

Scope of Project - Two pieces of the sculpture were missing and had to be recreated. There were also some major cracks to be repaired. The images below illustrate the two replacement pieces John Ward created and one of the cracks that was repaired. After all the parts were replaced and cracks repaired the weak areas in the patina were touched-up to bring the surface color together and to improve the general esthetics of the piece.
Replace Missing Finger:
New finger created

Finished new finger
Owner Comments:
John, I received my piece yesterday. It arrived in fine condition. Thank you for doing a good job on the piece. The repair work will make the piece more enjoyable for me and it will hopefully last a couple more generations. Neal
Replace Missing Petal:
Newly molded petal

New petal attached

Finished missing petal
Repair cracked ankle:
Cracked ankle

Crack repaired

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