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Salmson Warrier

Scope of Projet:  This Jean Jules Salmson bronze restoration came from a collector in Germany. Its problems were numerous. There was a puncture in the warrior's left leg just above the knee. The Roman joint for the tail was extremely loose leaving a fairly large gap. It was missing an arrow for the bow which I fabricated and added the bow string. New reins were also added. All three legs attached to the base were cracked and forced the sculpture to be out of balance and so it leaned severely to one side.

The patina was chipping in several areas so extensive work was required to prepare the surface for patination. Over all, the metal received the patination well so the rich brown tones were attainable with lots of TLC. I also fabricated a simple but elegant marble base which complimented the sculpture beautifully.See client feedback

Arrow and Reins replacement under way

Arrow and Reins replacement complete


Roman joint for tail was loose

Horse tail tightened and colored

Puncture in Rider's leg under repair

Leg puncture repaired and recolored

Horse legs on base were cracked and piece leaned

Repairs, Replaced Parts and Patination complete with new marble base

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