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Comments made by our clients:

December 17, 2015 Hello, John, The statues are wonderful and your work is amazing ! Thank you so much for saving these pieces for my husband and me. We will always appreciate you for restoring our lovely reminders of our Bali trip of a lifetime, With much appreciation, Roberta

December 3, 2015Yes John, Thanks again for the beautiful job you did on the piece. After two weeks of visiting customers and suppliers, finally back in CT! We had a party with some of my running friends to unveil the restoration. It's a remarkable piece, it will be difficult to return it to France! Best Regards, Bart

February 17, 2015 Hi John, I received everything in good order.You did a Fantastic job! I love the Base! It looks Great for this Bronze.Also,beautifull paint job on the Tiger! I hope to be sending more work your way soon. Thank You Very Much, Roger

December 27, 2014 We decided to use Mr. John Ward of Masterworks Studio to restore & save a family statue of Mercury. It really needed help as it was quite old & had spent many years on the newel post of a grand staircase. John did an absolutely beautiful job. The care,the time,& the skill he put into his work was really outstanding. Thank you so much John for helping make memories through your Art. ABW

December 2, 2014Good morning John. Just to let you know The Audrain County Commission is extremely appreciated with the quality of work that you have done to our Lady of Liberty better known as The Little Sisters of Liberty. The Little Sister of Liberty is located on the Southeast corner of the Audrain County Courthouse. We have people come into the Commissioner痴 office daily commenting on the appearance of the Lady. Most of the comments are in the detail that was unknown before the restoration such as the face, feet and chain. The Audrain County Commission would highly recommend you for any project that would relate to this. Again Thank You. Thomas A. Groves, Western District Commissioner

November 14, 2014 The minotaur is fabulous and even more erotic than before. The finish color is super. I have not married it to the base which is also stunning - great choice of marble! Regards, Bob H.

September 17, 2013 Sandpiper looks great,arrived safely, many thanks!!

March 5, 2013 Hi John, YOU ARE AMAZING! I received the statue and it is as if nothing had ever happened to it, a true magician, all the problems have disappeared. Thank you so much for all your work, i will be using your services again. Thank you, Jordan

May 2012 Hi John, The bronze arrived here today and we had a ceremonial "grand opening" of the crate. As I suspected from the photos, your restoration is quite remarkable. You should be proud of the finished piece and I suspect even Frederick MacMonnies would glowingly approve. Your suggestion of adding the Belgian Black base was excellent. Thank you for accepting this commission and sharing your talents and skill. Many thanks, David

August 2012John, I wanted to thank you once again for the professional job you did restoring my Bronze Clock. I really thought it was hopeless after it was damaged. Your restoration was better then I expected and the clock still has it's original appeal. I would recommend your services to anyone...Thank You, John N.

March 2011 Dear John, How do we begin to express our thanks for the excellent repair you did on our Joan of Arc statue?...You eased our concerns, answered our questions and took on the project....We are so thrilled with the entire letter.

Jan 2011 Dear John, I am sorry that it has taken me some time to write and thank you for the amazing work you did on my father's sculpture. After purchasing this piece from a prominent auction house in Germany, I was so disappointed when the piece arrived at my house in a damaged condition. Knowing something about casting bronze work, I was not sure that the sculpture could be repaired at all. I was even less confident that I would be able to find someone outside of Europe that would have the skills to make such a difficult repair.
But I guess I should have not been worried as the work you did is absolutely stunning. You were able to work the bronze and re-patina the piece masterfully. You are a very talented artisan and I will send you any future work with confidence.
Thank you so much.   P.B.

Dec 2010 John, I received the piece of art you created. It is beautiful. I hope that I can state this without sounding insincere or gratuitous. You are very fortunate to have learned such a skill and be given such talent. I will send you a photo of the project when it all comes together about 2 months from now. Merry Christmas and thank you for your effort.   D.A.

Nov 2010 John, I want to thank you for the exceptional repair and restoration work you performed on my zinc, mounted horse head today. As I mentioned on the phone, the repair is fabulous. The piece has great value to me and was quite severly damaged. Your shop managed to repair the piece, keep the dellicate integrity of the facial features and detail and restore the coloration to a wonderful patina. Just terrific. Thanks again,   Tracy, New York

Dec 2009 WE ARE VERY PLEASED WITH THE WORK. Although we had discussed how it had to be done I did not expect it to turn out as well as it did. And thank you for the marble bases. They add to the beauty of the pieces. Our house is almost finished and they are in our living room and look great.  Lawrence

Dec 2009 Joey was very pleased with the work done to his statute. You could not even tell that the statute had been broken. It was excellent work. Thank you for cleaning the statute up, it looks like new. Joey would recommend you to anyone that needs repairs done.  Sherry

Nov 2009 It arrived fine and is beautiful. Thank you so much.   Steve

Nov 2009 The bronze (Salmson Warrior) has safely arrived here and we are very pleased with it - many thanks.  Chris

Oct 2009 I must say that you took a nice sculpture and transformed it into a finished piece of art. The workmanship that is exhibited is absolutely first class. Without a doubt, I believe the artist would be proud of the finishing touches that you applied. There is no question that you have kept with his vision, while at the same time applying a more finished touch to the sculpture. The patina is exactly as I had envisioned, a rich medium brown similar to that which is exhibited on a well worn wheat penny. Superb in every respect.
Thank you very much for the great work, and for keeping me informed along the way. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in having their treasured metal artwork repaired, or maintained. In fact, I will be contacting you shortly regarding another bronze sculpture that would greatly benefit from your touch.   Michael

Oct 2009 Thank you so much for returning our bird safely to us. The work you did on her is amazing and the sculpture now is positioned as the artist intended. The repair of the legs is invisible and the patina looks original but clean and shining. I'm also glad that you kept the inscription available while mounting the sculpture the beautiful marble.
Once again it was a pleasure doing business with you. Every aspect of what you did was carried out in a professional manner and we appreciate you kind and personal attention to our poor bird's dilemma. We would certain call you again if the occasion arises and recommend you to anyone who might need your services.   Bob & Judy

Aug 2009 Bronze Quaich Hi John, Got the quaich this afternoon and am very pleased how it came out ! You did a marvelous job and I am indeed very appreciative of your efforts. Many thanks,  Tom

Aug 2009 Hi John ...I will contact you in the near future on my other piece of ivory. Thank you for your wonderful work.  Harvey

July 2009 Borghese Warrier John - Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful restoration and new base on the Borghese Warrior statuette. The repair of the bent shield, and its previous sloppy attachment repair, are invisible. The match of the patina is perfect, and the arm attachment joints are not detectable. The new base is a perfect color and really improves the presentation of the bronze. It is impossible to see any of the previous owner's damage. If I didn't have the pre-restoration photographs, I would never believe the change. Overall a fantastic restoration!  Bob

June 2009 We received the piece and it looks wonderful. You did a wonderful job. I would recommend you to anyone who needs anything restored you do very good work. Thanks so much   Brian & Brenda

Feb 2009 I received my statue last night. Wanted you to know that it was delivered in perfect condition. You really did an exquisite job on the restoration. I'm so pleased with the results. Now it can be displayed again for many generations to come. Thank you very much.  Charlotte

Jan 2009 Statue arrived in one piece and as expected you did a wonderful job! What a great talent to be able to make the mess I mailed to you and turn it back into a piece of art. Thank you so John for your expertise!  Mary

Hi John, I am sitting enjoying your artistry right this very moment and I must say, I'm amazed. I gave you a particularly challenging task, complete with custom engraving and gold leafing, and you were able to give me a stunning work of art. And I am a very difficult person to please. Furthermore, you were continuously professional with your follow-up calls and determined to produce a product that not only met my specifications, but superceded my expectations. Thank you for being one of the rare people in this world that are a pleasure to deal with.
Sincerely, Laura

Hi John, I received the package today and it made it in one piece! I have to say that your work is pretty amazing. The artist of the piece would give his stamp of approval. Thank you so much, it will be well cherished by my family.
Thanks Again, Curtis

Hi John, I know you will enjoy the attached picture of the Two Little Fauns. back home and looking quite splendid after your conservation work. The contrast with a photo taken last year is remarkable. Thank you once again for a complex job well done with little fuss, on time and on budget. I compliment you on your resourcefulness as well as your skill.
Very Best Regards, David P. Jackson

Hello John, I am happy to say Teddy Roosevelt arrived yesterday. The piece looks wonderful! I look forward to showing it to my mother. I know she will be astonished at how you brought it back to life. Thanks for all your efforts. I plan to enjoy just having it in my home for a time before I try to find a buyer for him.
Thanks again, Karen Welch

Letter from Dr. John P. O'Grady regarding "La Reve" by Hippolyte Francois Moreau

John, I was very pleased with the clock (Zinc Sailor Clock). After seeing what you did, I understand how difficult it was to reconstruct areas where you never knew what originally went there. The ribbon looks great. The sword extension looks like it was always there. I'm amazed. You can be proud of your work, it is first class. Thanks again for all your hard work. Best Regards, Gene

John, I received my piece (Zinc Cupid with Fluted Flower) yesterday. It arrived in fine condition. Thank you for doing a good job on the piece. The repair work will make the piece more enjoyable for me and it will hopefully last a couple more generations. Neal

Letter from Sydney and Walda Besthoff Foundation re Private Collection

Letter from International Arts & Artists re Millis Exhibition