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Teddy Roosevelt Zinc

Scope of Projet:  This Zinc sculpture had been in a school for years and during that time had literally lost its tail. The reins were also damaged and the rider's lower right leg had become detached. The color was extremely weak or non-existent in a lot of areas. The tail was sculpted in clay, molds made, and zinc castings poured. The parts were assembled and the new tailed was attached. Other repairs were done ie. reins and the right leg reattached. After careful study and consideration, the surface color was restored and new pigments added as required to give the piece a warm harmonious look. See client feedback

Horse tail missing

Horse tail sculpted in clay

Multiple clay molds needed to make tail

Tail pieces welded together and attached to horse

Entire piece recolored

Rider's leg is missing

Leg reattached, entire piece recolored

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