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Restoration and Repair for Bronze, Zinc and Ivory
MasterWorks Studios

Professional repair, restoration and conservation services for bronze, zinc and allied metal objects of art is available from MasterWorks Studios. We also offer custom shaped marble bases, ivory restoration and gilding services.
All work done by John Ward, owner and craftsman with over 30 years experience in the field.

Examples of bronze and zinc restoration and repair projects can be viewed at our Restoration and Repair Gallery while samples of custom marble bases can be viewed in the Custom Marble Gallery.

If you want your precious artwork brought back to life by a master, know that John has over 30 years of experience in bronze and zinc restoration and repair and that he does all work himself. Contact him at 636-208-7777 about your particular project or email at You will always talk to John or his voicemail which he responds to daily. See what clients have said about John's work - most of these are linked to photos of the actual project.

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Restoration Project Gallery Custom Marble Base Gallery
Restoration and Repair Custom Marble Bases

Here are just a few of our Restoration Projects...
(To see more visit our Restoration Gallery then click on Repair, Replace, Conservation, Patination, Outdoor or Zinc.)

Salmson Bronze The piece had numerous problems including a puncture, cracked legs at the base forcing the piece to lean severely to one side, missing arrow and reins. See the complete restoration with a new marble base which complimented the sculpture beautifully.

Borghese Warrier Bronze The piece had suffered some rough treatment and poor restoration attempts. As the client said himself "...If I didn't have the pre-restoration photographs, I would never believe the change. Overall a fantastic restoration!"

Bronze Quaich made from the bronze of a 1600's Scottish Church Bell had suffered damage and lost one handle. See the transformation the customer described like this " very pleased at how it turned out. You did a marvelous job and I am indeed very appreciative of your efforts"

Gold Leaf Italian Bronze "The Dream" Dull, drab monotone finish enriched in color, depth and highlighting with gold leaf, gold wash and special pigmented waxes.

P.J. Mene Elk Patina Restoration Revival of bronze sculpture that had been abandoned in damp, dingy basement for three generations restored to like-new condition.

Carved Ivory Lamp Restoration Amazing restoration of this silver and ivory lamp that had been through the Katrina Floods in New Orleans.

Gold Leaf - French Tables Extremely unique gold and silver tables were corroded and worn from years of use but brought back to original luster and beauty.

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